The Youth Mentorship Week 2020

The Youth Mentorship Program aims at preparing youths in High Schools from Urban and Rural Communities of Uganda for real-life experiences after school through formal and non-formal education.  It focuses on Social-emotional Healing; self-discovery, Decision Making, Character Building, Self-positioning, and exposure to various sectors of life including Uganda High Court creating awareness of the judicial system, Makerere University for career guidance, Parliament of Uganda, and Kampala City Tour mainly for rural youths. 


Youths are encouraged to embrace the value of constructive citizenship by giving back to the community in any way they can; it may be through doing community work, visiting the sick, homes of the elderly, orphanages, supporting community activities among others. The concept of constructive citizenship is taking the initiative to make a difference in our communities and nation with the assurance that our opinion matters.

During the Week, youths are also exposed to various Vocational Skills such as Carpentry, Baking, Farming, Hairdressing, Candle making, Liquid soap making, chalk making, Bookbinding, and Business Management. such skills enable youths to earn a little income as they pursue their academic progress. Such skills serve an option for youths who are financially unable to continue their education to the university level.

The Program paints a picture of real-life situations so that youths make well-informed career decisions. Thus by the end of the week, the Youths are able to Learn, Connect, Lead, Work and Thrive.

This Year’s Youth Mentorship Week is due to take place on 3rd/May to 9th/may/2020 with 100 participants from Kampala District, Kasese District, Buikwe District, Jinja District, Kayunga District, Tororo, and Butalejja District.

Venue: The Childlife Hope Center in Kampala district at  Kabalagala- Gaba road behind Equity Bank Ltd.

Mentorship, however, does not stop with the program it’s a continuous process CNI Ambassadors, Teacherhope, together with teachers and Parents carry on for 2 years for a given group of youths. This is done through School Workshops, Capacity Building programs and one on one counseling sessions to support and guide the Youths to achieve their dreams, goals, and aspirations alongside being responsible citizens.

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