On 2020/02/27 Catherine Kimambo representing the African child projects organization which is one of the upcoming but promising Tanzanian NGOs, attended  panel discussion about Sustainability in school connectivity which was organized by DigI projects.

In this panel discussion there was more than 5 organizations that took part in order to brighten the future of digital connectivity for students especially in this era where internet is taking over everything.

The panel discussed on Approaches, Challenges, and Sustainability of Community Networks and School Connectifity. Including contributions from Governmental representatives addressing sustainability in school connectivity

Ms. Catherine Kimambo says, “it was an honor to take part in this evolutional panel discussion as the result could lead to a brighter future for the education system in Tanzania, Congo and Africa in general……”

She said, “During the panel and the discussion we reached to a common understanding of the success sustainable school/community connectivity. UCSAF (Universal Communication Service Access Fund) supports school connectivity and is inviting to a proof-of-concept involving 10 schools. Main conclusions were:

  1. OPEX costsneed to be affordable for the local communities/schools. It has to be ensured that the OPEX costs can be covered locally, thus a target of max 20 USD/month is envisaged for rural areas. If there is a certain demand, then access solutions with higher costs can be considered.
  2. The Internetneed to be centred around people and need to answer the needs of the local communities. The main goal should be to empower the society, including content hosted locally.
  3. Both inclusion of policy makersand policies to ease the roll-out of community networks are essential for the success of digital inclusion. Community networks find their role in areas where mobile operators don’t see a viable business model.
  4. Improve and sustain School connectivity
  5. Improve and sustain Information Spotsin the community networks (CNs)
  6. . Organizational support and sustainability of Community Networks(CNs)”

Ms. Catherine Kimambo is one among many young Tanzanians who are leading the fight against poverty and ignorance by implementing different projects that would bring positive impacts on the society and nation in general. Supporting their cause is one of the contributions that we as shareholders can help so as they can go farther.

You can read more about Ms. Catherine Kimambo and her organization African Child projects in our pages art cast radio and Africa because.

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